Whether raising a family or hosting friends and neighbors for a shared meal, creating a home that is clean and comfortable is important. GALA Turbo Spin Mop Remove over 99% of Bacteria* with Water GALA Turbo Spin Mop heads are made up of millions of tiny turbo fibers. When used with water, all of these tiny fibers loosen and physically pick up dirt and also bacteria. Over 99% of bacteria are removed with just water and without the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. We commissioned testing of GALA Turbo Spin Mops at an external accredited laboratory.
Q: Does Turbo Clean Fibers kill all bacteria?
  • A: GALA Turbo Spin Mop do not kill bacteria. They remove bacteria* from the floor with the use of water. The tiny Turbo Clean Fibers physically stick closely to the floor picking up dirt and over 99% of bacteria, and carrying them away - without the need of harsh chemicals.
  • Q: Will the Turbo Clean Fiber mop pads disinfect my floors?
  • A: Disinfecting implies that you are killing bacteria. Turbo Clean Fibers do not kill bacteria but pick them up and remove them from your home’s floors.
    Fact: We successfully tested the removal of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, two common bacteria found in homes and the Turbo Clean Fiber removed both types of bacteria with just tap water.
  • Q: Where does the bacteria go once I’ve picked it up?
  • A: The bacteria will be rinsed out of the mop head into the mop bucket and you will not bring them back onto your floor. The testing institute confirmed no recontamination when wiping a rinsed mop head onto a sterile surface.
  • Q: Can I wash the Turbo Spin Mop heads – what about using fabric softener?
  • A: Yes, the Turbo Spin Mop heads can be washed and reused. For best results, wash in warm water by hand or simply wash in the washing machine according to usage instruction. Avoid using fabric softener. It can coat the tiny Turbo Clean Fibers, ultimately making them less effective. Once washed, lay flat to dry.
  • Q: Can I use cleaning chemicals
  • A: When mopping with a GALA Turbo Spin Mop, you can use any cleaning solution of your choice, but if you prefer to keep harsh cleaning chemicals out of your home, simply use tap water. That’s all you need to get the job done!
  • Q: How often should I replace my Turbo Clean Fiber mop refill?
  • A: We recommend replacing your Turbo Spin Mop refills every three months so that your GALA mop’s Turbo Clean Fibers work at their best on your home’s floors.